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About the Torrance Art Museum

The Torrance Art Museum is a municipal gallery located in the Torrance Cultural Arts Center in the City of Torrance. The gallery program consists of theme-oriented contemporary art exhibitions, as well as the display of artwork by members of community arts organizations and students of local school districts. Approximately 40 weeks of arts programming are presented in the Gallery each year. All exhibits are free to the public. 

The Torrance Art Museum is a program of the Cultural Services Division of the City of Torrance Community Services Department. The governing authority for the Gallery is the seven-member City Council. The Mayor and City Council have delegated oversight of the Cultural Arts Center to a seven-member appointed Cultural Arts Commission. The commissioners are city residents with strong interest or involvement in the arts.

Our Mission:

The mission of Torrance Art Museum is to invigorate, delight and fascinate Torrance residents and the South Bay community by exhibiting and interpreting works of visual arts.
The goals of the Torrance Art Museum are:

  • To provide opportunity to bring together visual artists and the community 
  • To foster personal and civic well being by inspiring understanding and appreciation of visual arts 
  • To promote meaningful experiences in the visual arts to strengthen creative and critical thinking skills
  • To build bridges between the visual arts and other disciplines in the humanities and sciences 
  • Our Staff:

    Max Presneill, Museum Curator
    phone number: (310) 618-6341
    e-mail address: mpresneill@TorranceCA.Gov

    Colton Stenke, Assistant Curator
    phone number: (310) 618-6341
    e-mail address: TorranceArtMuseum@TorranceCA.Gov  

    Ryan Callis, Museum Preparator
    phone number (310) 618-3842
    e-mail address: rcallis@TorranceCA.Gov

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