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Multicultural Undergraduate Summer Internships at Los Angeles Area Museums and Visual Arts Organizations

10-week Multicultural Undergraduate Internship

Torrance Art Museum

City of Torrance Community Services Department

June 1 - August 26, 2011

The Torrance Art Museum in the City of Torrance is currently seeking an undergraduate student to participate in the Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program for summer 2011. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume and City of Torrance Job Application accessed at to Janene Ferguson/Max Presneill-Getty Internship, TorranceArtMuseum@TorranceCA.Gov. Or Cultural Services Division, Getty Internship, 3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503.

About the Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internship

With the goal of increased diversity in the arts, this internship opportunity is intended for groups underrepresented in the professions related to museums and the visual arts.  Individuals of African American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Islander descent are encouraged to apply. 

Eligibility for the internships will be limited to currently enrolled undergraduates who reside or attend a college in Los Angeles County; will have completed at least one semester of college by June 2011; and/or will complete their undergraduate degree by September 1, 2011.  Candidates are sought from all areas of undergraduate study and are not required to have demonstrated a previous commitment to the visual arts. 

About the Internship at the Torrance Art Museum

The candidate will be exposed to the inner workings of a municipal visual arts organization.  Work experience during the 10-week summer internship will bring the intern valuable and meaningful knowledge and skills in arts publicity and marketing strategies, curatorial practice, exhibition research and gallery preparation.

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills: (1) Familiarity with Microsoft Office software; (2) Strong verbal and writing skills; (3) Public Relation interest to strengthen ties with local colleges and universities developing standards and criteria for accredited internships; (4) Exhibition research; (5) Marketing strategies for programming.

Interns are paid $3,500 for ten consecutive weeks of full time work between June and August.  This internship begins no sooner than 6/1/2011 and ends no later than 8/26/201. The intern is responsible for his/her own housing and transportation, as well as any standardized payroll deductions.

Tentative interviews for qualified candidates will be scheduled Wednesday , May 11 & Thursday May 12, 2011, Intern's Duties and Responsibilities

The intern will be responsible for the following areas of Museum activities:

1.      Research partnerships with local community colleges and universities

Establish administration contacts with local community colleges and universities, identifying resources, arranging meetings with education/unit advisors and counselors, evaluating other museums and galleries in the process to create an integral program of the Torrance Art Museum.  Work toward goals of fall 2009 or spring 2010 to begin internships at Torrance Art Museum.

2.      Develop Marketing Strategies

Investigate creative ways to help the community and surrounding region become familiar with the programming of the Torrance art Museum.

3.      Gallery Preparation

Assist in generating contracts and/or exhibition receipts for artists; participate in the intake of artwork and creation of condition reports for incoming artwork; prepare and condition the Museum galleries in anticipation of art installation; install and de-install artwork; generate wall labels, lists of works, and signage.

4.      Exhibition Research

Assist in the support and ongoing research of future Museum exhibitions.

5.      Other

Assist with special events or projects as needed

Requirements of the Getty Foundation

The Getty Foundation has scheduled one event that is mandatory for all interns.  Interns will be paid as if participating in a regular work day to attend this event.

Arts Summit at the Getty Center,   Monday, June 7, 2011.

In August, the Getty Foundation will contact the Intern to complete a mandatory and confidential evaluation of the internship at the Torrance Art Museum.  The intern's final paycheck will be withheld until the evaluation has been returned to the Getty Foundation.

For more information on the Getty Foundation Multicultural Undergraduate Internship and other participating organizations, please visit