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 | Storm Drains and Stormwater Basins
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Storm Drains Drain To The Ocean

Storm Drains

In compliance with the City's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit, the City of Torrance Public Works Department, Sanitation Division, does routine cleaning and maintenance of the City's storm drains.  Storm drains go directly to the ocean.  Do not dump trash, debris, or liquids down the storm drains, gutters, or streets.  Please be aware of run-off from private property, such as soapy water from washing cars and water from over-watering lawns that have been fertilized, as this can also end up in our storm drains and ocean.  There are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly products for outdoor cleaning and landscape maintenance.

The above picture of the beach shows where trash and debris collect that has been dumped into storm drains and thrown onto the streets.


Click here for information on the "Clean Bay Restaurant Certification Program".


Click here to get information on the South Bay Storm Water Program. 

Because of the chemicals in swimming pools, it is illegal to drain pools into the street.  Click here for more information (.pdf flyer).

Click here for City of Torrance Community Development's NPDES Annual Reports.

Click here to get information on NPDES, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. 

Click here for more information from HEAL THE BAY on the storm drain and pollution problem. 

Click here for LA County Stormwater Pollution Prevention.

Click here for information on the City's procedure for handling hazardous waste spills.



Stormwater Basins


Maintenance tasks include cleaning, weeding, fence repair, and maintenance of inlets, outlets and several stormwater pumps at the 17 active drainage retention basins throughout the City.


Click here for a .pdf map of the storm drain retention basin/sump locations in Torrance.

Click here for information on the Stormwater Basin Enhancement Program.